The danish health care system is based on the general practitioner.

The general practitioner is a medical doctor with a specialist training in family medicine and general practise, and here most diseases, acute as well as chronic, are diagnosed and treated.

If needed, the general practioner can refer you to a hospital or a specialist.

The general practitioner is the cornerstone in the preventive health programmes for children and adults.

When studying or working in Denmark you will usually get the yellow health insurance card, which is needed to receive free consultation. Read more: https:/


When you need the doctor

Monday-Friday 08-16: Call your general practioner. Our clinic phone 48260177.

Evenings and nights 16-08:  Call 1813

Weekends and holidays: Call 1813



Call the alarm central: Call 112


Open consultations

Monday, tuesday, thursday to friday at 9 - 10 there are open consultation in the clinic regarding illness related to sick children, earinfections, sore throat and other minor problems.

Wednesday at 17-18.

Please registrer in the recepetion when arrieval.